Increasing the Value of your Apartment Complex
Professional Property & Asset Management of Apartments Is Our Specialty

We provide personal attention and professional management for income-producing residential properties. We are dedicated to intensive on-site and financial management of all size apartment complexes.

Do you own or are you looking to purchase an apartment complex that is underperforming? Are you having problems with your budget, staffing, residents, physical issues or governmental oversight?

Professional Property Management



Since Dick LaMarche and Greg Douglas founded Creative Property Management in 1978, the apartment industry has grown stronger and more sophisticated. Unlike many other financial investments, direct ownership of multi-family apartment complexes is an active investment which requires daily oversight and management and a long-term strategic plan.

The Houston apartment market is a particularly challenging environment to operate in. With over 40 years of experience in this market, CPM is uniquely well equipped to quickly understand and address the issues your property needs to overcome to improve its performance. Our core professional team has the background and expertise to handle all areas of apartment operations and serve as your full-service managing agent.

We provide the personal attention and professional management required for income-producing residential properties in today’s challenging marketplace. Our senior team has decades of experience managing apartment complexes in both strong and weak markets and will work to re-position your property so that the performance will be superior.

Our management team has the training and experience to free owners from the worries and problems of managing rental properties. We have a long track record of taking over underperforming properties, identifying what is needed to improve performance and executing all aspects of a tailored turn-around plan.



Our experienced and reliable professionals are capable of tackling all property and asset management issues. We can quickly develop a plan that will improve the performance and value of your investment.

Then you should call Creative Property Management and talk to us about your concerns. We can help solve your problems and improve the performance of your property.

Manage Property Effectively
Handle Property Issues

Our knowledge of residential real estate economics and our direct application of that knowledge to each property we oversee is the key to our success in managing apartment complexes. We recognize that property management is far more than simply leasing apartments and collecting rent. Rather it is a specialization that requires a wide range of skills, competencies and vision to be properly executed.