Creative Property Management has the expertise to work collaboratively with our owners to develop and execute comprehensive action plans that will enhance the value of their assets.

  • Troubled Properties - Our portfolio includes many formerly distressed properties that have been turned around through a coordinated plan that includes intensive on-site management and resolution of all physical and financial problems.
  • Legal and Financial - We keep up-to-date on financial and legal developments that affect income properties and can assist you in addressing them.
  • Real Estate Taxes - We will assemble all necessary information to have the property taxes rendered and achieve the optimal results.
  • Insurance - We maintain a master insurance policy and have been successful in providing our clients with high-quality coverage at premiums well below what owners can obtain independently.
  • Adjusting Insurance Losses - We have had significant experience in adjusting all types of insurance claims from fire, flood, hurricane losses, and many other perils, in addition to the oversight of re-construction.
  • Financial Analysis - We prepare comprehensive analysis of rents and expenses for the properties we manage that compare them to competing properties in the Houston market and then develop plans to maximize performance.
  • Rehabilitation/Reconstruction - We have supervised the renovation of numerous apartment projects and thousands of apartment units.  These range from properties that have been shut down and fenced-off for years to well-occupied properties that need a cosmetic face-lift.
  • Due Diligence - We have the expertise to complete all aspects of the financial and physical pre-acquisition due diligence for properties that are being considered for purchase.


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